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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am
My LJ is "semi-friends". Most of my entries are public, but those concerning my private life and those about sharing stuffs are locked.


Comment this message or send me a PM to let me know about you if you want to be added back !

Thank you very much !!!
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31 December 2015 @ 11:59 pm
For Christmas, I got a Kindle (aka a e-reader) and it seems like, since it's easier to find room for it in my bag every morning than for an actual book, I read more books in 3 weeks than in the past three months. So I decided to to a reading challenge for 2015. I am not sure whether I'll be able to read all those different types of books, but I'll try. I want to read new things, things I've never tried before and I guess it's a good opportunity.


I'll be doing this Challenge that was shared on MadmoiZelle (a feminist French webzine that is really amazing) and I'll be updating this list every time I read a book that fit in one of the categories. Even though some of the books can fit in many categories, I choose to have a different book per category, the challenge is greater that way.

My 2015 Reading ChallengeCollapse )

I'll do my best from now on then! What shall I treat myself with at the end of the year if I manage to finish it? Any idea?
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Hello everyone !

My friend and I happened to be really lucky and got more tickets for this summer's musical SONG WRITERS than needed. It is directed by Kishitani Goro (the creator of FROGS) and has Uehara Takuya in it. The main character will be played by Yara Tomoyuki from Johnny's Jr.

Depending on my friend's schedule (she'll know which date she can go in about two weeks I guess), we have two tickets for August 3rd at 1.30pm or two tickets at 1.30pm on August 4th. They'll have a foreign name on it (they're fanclub tickets).

Number of tickets: 2
Date: August 3rd 1.30PM or August 4th 1.30PM
Venue: Theatre Creation - Tokyo
Price: 11200y (face value + fanclub fee) each

We offer to make the exchange on the day of the venue (or before as my friend will be in Tokyo). We can also send them if you pay by Paypal beforehand.

Would anyone be interested ?

Feel free to ask any question. Thanks :)

PS: I'm gonna be off for a week from Monday evening so don't worry if I don't answer. I'll answer right after my work trip.
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19 January 2015 @ 02:03 pm
FTISLAND performed their first live out of Asia three days ago, in Paris, at La Cigale and I was lucky enough to have a ticket. I used to be very fond of their music, though I never got into knowing the members and stuffs (except maybe for Hong Ki because he was the reason I watched You're beautiful). It was kinda weird going to the concert without knowing what they did for the past 5 years but I was excited nonetheless because it's always great to see a band you used to love live.

I was not disappointed. Though I didn't know most of the songs, I really enjoyed the concert. The atmosphere was amazing and it was a very good rock concert. I did not know really what to expect since they had announced a full Korean show (even for the Japanese songs they had planned to perform) and I had never seen one of their DVDs before. It was a great surprise: they seemed to perform every bit of their music (ballads, rock songs, accoustic session,...) and Hong Ki kinda told us the concert would be different from a concert in Korea since they were more free. (He didn't say that litteraly but that was definitely what he meant). They had a really good translator so Hong Ki spoke a lot (his English was kinda poor so he switched to Korean).

The concert started with some ballads, then turned into something more rockish until the accoustic session (during which they performed I hope) and then Hong Ki asked us to go crazy and it turned a 100% rock. It was amazing, the fans were so much into it and the group seemed really moved. The French fanbase had planned some boards we had to show them during one of the songs and since my friend had helped people buying yellow lightsticks and bracelets (since yellow is the color for Primadonnas), the venue looked amazing.


During the accoustic session, the fans all decided to sing along with Hong Ki and he was kinda in between pissed, moved and amused. My friend and I couldn't stop laughing because we obviously sang wrong lyrics because Korean does not sound like French at all, he obvioulsy was suprised we were singing and he was doing dork faces while making fun of us. I think he was so moved during one song he just decided with his bandmates to make fun of our accents so that he could hide he was going to cry.
For the encore, the drummer had some troubles with his drums so Hong Ki sang some songs that was not on the set list a cappella. It was amazing. He performed two songs, among them Hello Hello, which is the last I had listened to before stopping being such a fan.

As I had work on Friday, I arrived kinda late but my friend (who's a real fan) arrived early and booked me a really good seat on the balcony and we had a great view over the stage. The venue is so small we could perfectly see all members' faces and expressions. My friend and I kept on dancing and we had a lot of fun. It was an amazing concert to be honest. FTISLAND is really good live (Hong Ki is a powerful singer). I hope they will come back, I'll definitely go!

Three (not so good) picsCollapse )
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06 January 2015 @ 05:24 pm
I got this from snow's LJ and I found it fun, so I decided to answer the questions.

Your main fandom of the year?
Hey! Say! JUMP. I guess it's been the same for almost 6 years now. Hey! Say! JUMP kinda had a "renewal" this year: their songs are getting more mature, freaking everyone has solo activities (including Inoo-chan and Keito!) and everyone has lines in the singles. 2014 was definitely great.
I joined a new fandom this year though, Sexy Zone's, but I'll never like Sexy Zone as much as I like Hey! Say! JUMP (or even NEWS or Amuse boys); I like them VERY MUCH anyway (once I like every member of a group, I'm definitely in the fandom and too involved).

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?
Come Back...?!? I definitely fell in love with the song the first time I listened to it and I always have this "OMG THIS SONG IS SO GREAT" moment everytime it starts playing.
Maybe I just should answer "smart" because I so much want to talk about Setsunasa Hikikaeni lyrics that are so beautiful and moving or even FOREVER or pretty much all the songs of this album. It's more mature and it's just the best JUMP album so far.

Your favorite TV show of the year?
Sexy Zone Channel. I'd never managed to watch regularly a Japanese TV show before. JUMP are terrible MCs, I quickly got tired of Shokura after Koyamaru left, I never got into Yan Yan JUMP (I actually gave up when they tried to have Yuya play handball in the first episode xD). However, Sexy Zone Channel is just so much fun; it's easy to understand when you have my  Japanese level and the boys are really funny (I'm not even speaking of the staff).
As for TV drama, I'd say Suikyuu Yankees. The plot was not that great but I enjoyed it to the fullest: the characters were great, the actors kinda good and I love how they handled the rivals. It had Sakurako, and Yuya, and Yuti, and Oryo and I love them all very much (okay let's be honest I love Yuya more...). This year had many good dramas (Hanako to Anne, N no Tame Ni, Bitter Blood...) that were far better than Suikyuu Yankees but I guess I'm too weak in front of gakuen dramas with Yuya.

Your favorite LJ community of the year?
No idea. I guess arisu_subs because she subbed many dramas this year and it was of a great help.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
Sou. Seriously, one year ago I was like "I don't know this boy, I'm so unlucky I got his solo CD cover" or "Well Sexy Zone was 5 at ToniToni but I couldn't see Sou well, he was hidden by the tall ones, it's okay I don't know him". I'M SO FULL OF REGRETS NOW. He is the cutest of all. I grew so fond of him. I'm so sad he's the only one who never gets the spotlights, really.

And of course, my two new friends, Audrey and Benoît. We're getting on so well, I love them so much now.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
3人 Sexy Zone. I like Marius, I like Sou. I like 5人 so what is this all about, seriously? I guess I was even more disappointed when I understood the trick behind Kimi ni Hitomebore music cards. I almost left the fandom, seriously.

ONE OK ROCK concert in Paris.

Your fandom boyfriend/girlfriend of the year?
Boyfriend? I don't have a "fandom boyfriend" or well I never think of Yuya that way. (I just think he is a handsome stupid dude who walks barefoot in the streets haha).

Your biggest squee moment of the year?
I guess I have two huge squee moments (I'll never get over them) and one a little smaller that made me happy for him anyway :

- Kota at the greeting
- My "mune kyun oyasumi" being read by Yuya on JUMP da Baby
- Akito's debut

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?
Hokuto's debut!!! (I'm afraid he won't though, but I hope deep inside that he will, he deserves it <3). A JUMP tour in August (pretty pleaaaase). NEWS already announced tour to be in August too (though I don't believe it'll be that late since they already announced it). More activity for NEWS aka MORE CD RELEASES, JULIE. More awesome dramas with awesome parts for Kaku Kento and Koseki Yuta. Sexy Zone back to 5人 definitely. A drama for Sou. Another drama for Yuya 8D
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29 December 2014 @ 12:33 pm
I just happened to have a few minutes so I just pass by to wish you a Merry Christmas.
I'm a bit late though, but I hope you all had a great time with your families.

I'm busy enjoying my holidays actually. Getting ready for New Year‘s Eve (as some friends are coming over) and making my friends' Christmas presents (I'm also late with this to be honest).

I hope you're all enjoying Christmas times!! Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël !
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I think I need to write about it. I'm still so disappointed and angry. I just need to write about it.

So, yesterday was THE concert I was most looking forward to this year. ONE OK ROCK came back to Paris after last year's two awesome gigs. They performed in a much bigger venue and I felt so proud for them. Since Good Charlotte went on an indefinitie hiatus (to form the Madden Brothers --"), ONE OK ROCK've been my favourite band and so far they had never disappointed me. I saw them for the first time in Yokohama Arena in January 2012 and on that day I knew they were the best band I'd ever seen live: it was a real blast and they really moved me, the setlist was awesome. When they came last year to Paris, I know I had to get tickets and I managed to have one for each concert in Paris. The concerts were in small venues, it was their first time out of Asia, they were really close to the public, they spoke with us and I can say that those concerts were definitely a success. My friends and I were so pleased. It was the ONE OK ROCK we were expecting to see and they didn't disappoint us. They were funny, they were to their fullest and the setlist, if not perfect (I don't know why they had decided not to sing anything before Niche Syndrome...), was really good.

So, that this year's concert was to be a blast again was a given for pretty much everyone, even though the prices were much higher. The venue was bigger and the concert was not sold out, but ONE OK ROCK is an amazing band live so it should have been as awesome as before. This year, there were two opening acts. We were expecting ONE OK ROCK to be on stage at 9:30 at the latest... However the show started at 10pm. After two hours of waiting and opening acts we basically were not interested in. And it ended at 11:09 (after an encore with only Wherever you are... You should have seen everyone in the venue when Taka said "It's the last song" for The Beginning and it was not even 11... My friends and I were hoping he was being a troll like he likes being... but no).
Taka was the only one to speak, only in English (he improved so much). It was as if the band was just here to do their job (and they did it well, I'm not saying anything else) and then left. After less than 10 songs. No real interaction with the public. Nothing from Toru, Tomoya or Ryota. Not a single word. They performed no song older than those from Zankyou Reference (but Wherever you are...). I paid 51€ for a 1 hour live. I just felt like crying when I realized the show was really over and they would not come back on stage (I ended crying of disappointment). I've been maybe too much emotionally involved in ONE OK ROCK, I don't know... but since 2012 and their concert in Yokohama (that lasted much more than 2 hours...), I've always believed that they were a band "close" to their fans, with lots of intereaction with them and caring. In Paris, last year, the shows were of course shorter than in Japan but at least we had everyone talking and a normal 1h30 concert. I love their music and their lives, but 1 hour for 51€... I'm sorry, I just feel like something is wrong. My sister, who went to see them for the first time yesterday, just saw something that felt like scam to everyone. I don't know if it's the band's fault, Livenation or the venue; I just wish we had a real concert as awesome as those before.

They said they'd come back next year. I hope Japanese fans will have more concerts than this year before us because they almost had nothing in 2014 and that's so sad for them because they were the first to be there for ONE OK ROCK... Then, I don't know if I want to go to see them anymore. I don't even feel like going to Cologne on Sunday though I have my ticket (I discovered it would be Toru's birthday, I HOPE HE'LL SPEAK OMG D8 He's my favourite member and the leader...). I just don't know how I feel about ONE OK ROCK anymore. They are talented, I love their music, their lives are more than enjoyable... but the disappointment yesterday was just so big I'm definitely lost.

I wish they realize we love the full Japanese songs (Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid is the song most of their fans discovered them with in Europe), we are not just living wallets and we deserve at least a real long enough show. I'll see how long Cologne lasts. I'm not expecting anything. I just don't know anymore how to feel, because I love them so much and I'm just lost.
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29 October 2014 @ 10:37 am
Another fandom entry.


Kimi ni Hitomebore was one thing. The tricks that go with it another. The event a third. Fuma not having his version a fourth. (That makes quite a lot, right).



[2015 Johnnys&apos; World]
2015新春 JOHNNYS' World

☆o+───  出演 ───+*☆

Please, just tell me where is Fuma ? LIKE WHERE IS FUMA ? Marius is there but paired with Jesse, and in the same list as Juniors and that's a pain... BUT WHERE IS SOU ?

I just wanna quit. Quit being a Sexy Girl and giving my money to Johnny's as far as Sexy Zone is concerned. It's getting worse. Two days ago, when they released Kimi ni Hitomebore covers, when we realized Fuma had no center cover, I was joking with my friends saying Sexy Zone will turn into a duet. Well, I don't know what's happening. Fuma and Sou might have dramas/movies/exams (Fuma is at uni, right? It's important and that was the reason Kei was not much involved in Johnnys' World 2 years ago.)... but that's worrying.

I love Sexy Zone. I love the members. I wanna support them but...
I just don't like what's happening.
I hate it.

Less than one year ago, when I became a fan, I was not expecting all this. It was Johnnys' 2020 World with 3nin but Marius and Sou performed on stage. It was Bye Bye Dubai that was just so much fun. It was 5nin King&Queen&Joker. It was Sexy Zone Channel (GOD BLESS THIS SHOW).

It's just fandom stuffs, you'll tell me. Right, my life is great and I'm feeling quite happy. I just hate being taken for a fool and that's definitely what's happening. Thank you, Johnny's&Associates. Really. For making all of us so angry. For having us lose the little trust we had in you.

PS. I'm tired of those Juniors I don't even know the faces of and who are everywhere. Takahashi Kaito, Hirano Sho (I know you D8), Nagase Ren.
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20 June 2014 @ 11:21 am
... and I am so happy for my friend who loves them !!!!! \o/

I don't really know much about them, except the faces of the girls I saw in Bad Boys J (and whom I liked, they are cute). My friend is just so much into them, it is soooo great for her that she'll be able to see them.
I don't know which girl is coming but I hope her favorite members will be there.

They'll be performing on Friday and that's my day off, so I'll go with her to the showcase. Seems like there are going to be talkshows (judging by their official website), so I guess she'll want to attend them to.

I am glad my day off is on that day, so that I can enjoy the only thing I wanna see at Japan Expo this year (The girls are AKB sister group and they are doing well in Japan, I wanna see what they can do on stage ~) with a dear friend.

17 February 2014 @ 03:54 pm
Hello everyone !

So... Even though my Dad's computer is working again, I'm still making straps. --" This time, it's something I've been wanting to make for months. Japanese fans managed to make amazing things with the ribbons they can grab at concerts and I was wondering how I could do something as cute as they do. However, thanks to rim1789's friend, hakucchan, I finally managed to make something kinda cute. She gave me some pieces of advice and here it goes:


Obviously, the purple ribbon is because Yuya's color is purple. The lame "Yuya Strap" is something Ayumi brought me back from Japan more than one year ago. It's supposed to be an umbrella strap. Seriously, Japan ? --" Does one need AN UMBRELLA STRAP ? With the face of an idol ? I mean... Do fans really use them on their umbrellas in Japan ? One thing for sure is that we do not use umbrella straps here in France... I am not even speaking of STRAP WITH YOUR FAVOURITE SINGER FACE (let's face it, who would want a Michel Polnareff strap ? xD *my little sister probably...*) so I did not know what to do with them until... yesterday. So my JUMP strap went from being cute to being lame... and I seriously don't care because I LOVE IT THAT WAY 8D (not Yuya's best pic though... nor best haircut Dx). *Probably never gonna use it... except if I am lucky enough to see JUMP live again... and I hope I'll be <3*

Since my Dad's computer is back, I am back to watching dramas. I guess that's the thing I like the most about Japanese Entertainment: dramas. I don't really know why, Johnnys' are back in most of the dramas. I don't know what the other agencies are doing but most of the good dramas are with Johnnys' lately (I mean, Osozaki no Himawari, Pin To Kona, Piece,... Even Share House no Koibito had Yuto !). I kinda miss a good drama like Tumbling though: no Johnnys' boys but other dorks such as Kaku and stuffs. I saw Takeru was to have a detective drama: I hope it's good; his latest drama, Tonbi, was excellent so my expectations are high.

Unfortunately, this season is not that good:

Shitsuren Chocolatier is really bad (I only cope with it because I want to see Shige's minute in each episode haha. But seriously, how come it is so bad while the manga is pretty good ? And seriously, the main cast is really bad: neither MatsuJun nor Satomi can act, obviously -Satomi was pretty good in Romeo and Juliet though-. Luckily, Asami and Junpei are perfect, as always).

I just gave up Dark System: noisy Hikaru just pissed me off (I'm used to him being noisy but it's just more than I can cope DX) and I am not brave enough to wait for Kei.

Do I really need to say anything about Dr DMAT ? Because... Well... No I am not going to say what I think (I am just glad that we see Yuya even though he is not really useful <3). I am not even fed up against Tacchon (he is not a good actor but the drama being SO BAD is not his fault, really). I am somehow proud Yuya plays in a REAL drama (not some random gakuen dramas), but... I am sad it has to be such a bad drama that the ratings do not even go beyond 8% >_> (at least, Gokusen was popular Dx).

SHARK is okay but I am tired of those dramas/movies where they say "The singer is sooooooo good" while the actor they choose to play the character is obviously not a really good singer (reminds me of Beck). The theme song is good but the lead vocal is so poor, it loses pretty much everything. Hopefully, that Junior boy is not such a bad actor so it's okay (but WTH JE YOU HAVE GOOD SINGERS AMONG YOUR JUNIORS /I mean those boys who were singing with Jesse at ToniToni.../). (Anyway, as I want to support Hokuto, I guess I'll buy the CD... or maybe I'll just go for Johnnys' WEST... I dunno, too many good things happening within Johnnys' Entertainement lately...).

I still have to watch Lost Days, Ashita Mama Ga Inai... to see if the season's worth it (Fall was poor too. Ryo's and Chi's drama was okay. 49 was okay (shitty end). But that's it... Miss Pilot was cute too.). Any advice on this season ? Lately, I think Woman is the drama I loved the most. With Pin to Kona and LIMIT. (Which means I like pretty much every type of dramas XD).
Oh, and a second season for Nobunaga no Chef was announced: AMONG ALL DRAMAS WHERE TAMA IS LEAD WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS DRAMA THAT HAS A SEASON 2 ? I really enjoyed the drama because I kept laughing on how IT WAS SO MUCH NOT FRENCH CUISINE (we do not eat oyster with mayonnaise, right ? Dx) but... It's not really interesting Dx Ikemen Desu Ne and Pin To Kona are much better. Anyway, looking forward to it because Tama in a drama is always so much love <3
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