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28 June 2015 @ 04:34 pm
SELLING: 2 tickets for SONG WRITERS in August  
Hello everyone !

My friend and I happened to be really lucky and got more tickets for this summer's musical SONG WRITERS than needed. It is directed by Kishitani Goro (the creator of FROGS) and has Uehara Takuya in it. The main character will be played by Yara Tomoyuki from Johnny's Jr.

Depending on my friend's schedule (she'll know which date she can go in about two weeks I guess), we have two tickets for August 3rd at 1.30pm or two tickets at 1.30pm on August 4th. They'll have a foreign name on it (they're fanclub tickets).

Number of tickets: 2
Date: August 3rd 1.30PM or August 4th 1.30PM
Venue: Theatre Creation - Tokyo
Price: 11200y (face value + fanclub fee) each

We offer to make the exchange on the day of the venue (or before as my friend will be in Tokyo). We can also send them if you pay by Paypal beforehand.

Would anyone be interested ?

Feel free to ask any question. Thanks :)

PS: I'm gonna be off for a week from Monday evening so don't worry if I don't answer. I'll answer right after my work trip.
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