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19 January 2015 @ 02:03 pm
FTISLAND concert in Paris  
FTISLAND performed their first live out of Asia three days ago, in Paris, at La Cigale and I was lucky enough to have a ticket. I used to be very fond of their music, though I never got into knowing the members and stuffs (except maybe for Hong Ki because he was the reason I watched You're beautiful). It was kinda weird going to the concert without knowing what they did for the past 5 years but I was excited nonetheless because it's always great to see a band you used to love live.

I was not disappointed. Though I didn't know most of the songs, I really enjoyed the concert. The atmosphere was amazing and it was a very good rock concert. I did not know really what to expect since they had announced a full Korean show (even for the Japanese songs they had planned to perform) and I had never seen one of their DVDs before. It was a great surprise: they seemed to perform every bit of their music (ballads, rock songs, accoustic session,...) and Hong Ki kinda told us the concert would be different from a concert in Korea since they were more free. (He didn't say that litteraly but that was definitely what he meant). They had a really good translator so Hong Ki spoke a lot (his English was kinda poor so he switched to Korean).

The concert started with some ballads, then turned into something more rockish until the accoustic session (during which they performed I hope) and then Hong Ki asked us to go crazy and it turned a 100% rock. It was amazing, the fans were so much into it and the group seemed really moved. The French fanbase had planned some boards we had to show them during one of the songs and since my friend had helped people buying yellow lightsticks and bracelets (since yellow is the color for Primadonnas), the venue looked amazing.


During the accoustic session, the fans all decided to sing along with Hong Ki and he was kinda in between pissed, moved and amused. My friend and I couldn't stop laughing because we obviously sang wrong lyrics because Korean does not sound like French at all, he obvioulsy was suprised we were singing and he was doing dork faces while making fun of us. I think he was so moved during one song he just decided with his bandmates to make fun of our accents so that he could hide he was going to cry.
For the encore, the drummer had some troubles with his drums so Hong Ki sang some songs that was not on the set list a cappella. It was amazing. He performed two songs, among them Hello Hello, which is the last I had listened to before stopping being such a fan.

As I had work on Friday, I arrived kinda late but my friend (who's a real fan) arrived early and booked me a really good seat on the balcony and we had a great view over the stage. The venue is so small we could perfectly see all members' faces and expressions. My friend and I kept on dancing and we had a lot of fun. It was an amazing concert to be honest. FTISLAND is really good live (Hong Ki is a powerful singer). I hope they will come back, I'll definitely go!



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Jumping To The Blue Skybee_ichigo on January 19th, 2015 05:10 pm (UTC)
OMG... you came to FT concert?!!
I saw the fancam of FTHXinParis and the fans were so damn close with them.. so jealous XD
I've been wishing for them to come to my country >.<

Glad you enjoy their concert, they are talented and their music is <3
Mayuramayura_news on January 20th, 2015 01:18 pm (UTC)
Yeap, I went. Tickets were still available when I checked them and were not that expensive, so I decided to go.
La Cigale is a really small venue (1500 people at most) so everyone in the front was really close, yeap. The second venue was even smaller (but I didn't go).

I hope they'll come to see your country and you'll be able to see them :)