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03 December 2014 @ 10:32 am
You feel the most "betrayed" when the best disappoint you so much...  
I think I need to write about it. I'm still so disappointed and angry. I just need to write about it.

So, yesterday was THE concert I was most looking forward to this year. ONE OK ROCK came back to Paris after last year's two awesome gigs. They performed in a much bigger venue and I felt so proud for them. Since Good Charlotte went on an indefinitie hiatus (to form the Madden Brothers --"), ONE OK ROCK've been my favourite band and so far they had never disappointed me. I saw them for the first time in Yokohama Arena in January 2012 and on that day I knew they were the best band I'd ever seen live: it was a real blast and they really moved me, the setlist was awesome. When they came last year to Paris, I know I had to get tickets and I managed to have one for each concert in Paris. The concerts were in small venues, it was their first time out of Asia, they were really close to the public, they spoke with us and I can say that those concerts were definitely a success. My friends and I were so pleased. It was the ONE OK ROCK we were expecting to see and they didn't disappoint us. They were funny, they were to their fullest and the setlist, if not perfect (I don't know why they had decided not to sing anything before Niche Syndrome...), was really good.

So, that this year's concert was to be a blast again was a given for pretty much everyone, even though the prices were much higher. The venue was bigger and the concert was not sold out, but ONE OK ROCK is an amazing band live so it should have been as awesome as before. This year, there were two opening acts. We were expecting ONE OK ROCK to be on stage at 9:30 at the latest... However the show started at 10pm. After two hours of waiting and opening acts we basically were not interested in. And it ended at 11:09 (after an encore with only Wherever you are... You should have seen everyone in the venue when Taka said "It's the last song" for The Beginning and it was not even 11... My friends and I were hoping he was being a troll like he likes being... but no).
Taka was the only one to speak, only in English (he improved so much). It was as if the band was just here to do their job (and they did it well, I'm not saying anything else) and then left. After less than 10 songs. No real interaction with the public. Nothing from Toru, Tomoya or Ryota. Not a single word. They performed no song older than those from Zankyou Reference (but Wherever you are...). I paid 51€ for a 1 hour live. I just felt like crying when I realized the show was really over and they would not come back on stage (I ended crying of disappointment). I've been maybe too much emotionally involved in ONE OK ROCK, I don't know... but since 2012 and their concert in Yokohama (that lasted much more than 2 hours...), I've always believed that they were a band "close" to their fans, with lots of intereaction with them and caring. In Paris, last year, the shows were of course shorter than in Japan but at least we had everyone talking and a normal 1h30 concert. I love their music and their lives, but 1 hour for 51€... I'm sorry, I just feel like something is wrong. My sister, who went to see them for the first time yesterday, just saw something that felt like scam to everyone. I don't know if it's the band's fault, Livenation or the venue; I just wish we had a real concert as awesome as those before.

They said they'd come back next year. I hope Japanese fans will have more concerts than this year before us because they almost had nothing in 2014 and that's so sad for them because they were the first to be there for ONE OK ROCK... Then, I don't know if I want to go to see them anymore. I don't even feel like going to Cologne on Sunday though I have my ticket (I discovered it would be Toru's birthday, I HOPE HE'LL SPEAK OMG D8 He's my favourite member and the leader...). I just don't know how I feel about ONE OK ROCK anymore. They are talented, I love their music, their lives are more than enjoyable... but the disappointment yesterday was just so big I'm definitely lost.

I wish they realize we love the full Japanese songs (Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid is the song most of their fans discovered them with in Europe), we are not just living wallets and we deserve at least a real long enough show. I'll see how long Cologne lasts. I'm not expecting anything. I just don't know anymore how to feel, because I love them so much and I'm just lost.
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Dey': junta kiriyamadeydeyday on December 3rd, 2014 05:41 pm (UTC)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Mayura: kaku arashimayura_news on December 4th, 2014 10:41 am (UTC)
Ca m'a fait du bien d'écrire je pense, parce que je suis en train de me rappeler du reste et combien c'était génial. Je garde un petit goût amer mais après les garçons ont fait un bon concert, et je pense que le problème d'interaction vient du retard que le concert a pris.
Une déception reste une déception, mais comme j'ai fait avec Fall Out Boy, je leur redonnerai une chance l'an prochain et ensuite on verra !!! =D